2022 State of the Pest Control Market Report

Special Report - 2022 State of the Pest Control Market Report

An exclusive research report examining the most common pest pressures reported by cannabis cultivation companies and how operators are managing them.

June 2, 2022

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Unwelcome insects and mites can find their way into even the finest horticultural growing facilities. When pest issues arise, control can be challenging under any circumstances. But as cannabis cultivators know and understand, the pest control restrictions imposed on cannabis cultivation can complicate managing problematic pests safely and effectively.

To better understand the pest control challenges and decisions facing commercial cannabis cultivators, Cannabis Business Times, with support from Central Life Sciences and in conjunction with third-party researcher Readex Research, conducted exclusive cannabis industry research for this 2022 “State of the Pest Control Market Report,” CBT’s first industry report on pest control.

In order to include only the pest control data most significant to cannabis cultivation operations, the majority of the research results presented here are based on participants who indicated they currently own or work for a licensed commercial cannabis operation that offers cannabis for sale and is located in the United States, one of its territories or Canada.

Through the study data presented in this 2022 “State of the Pest Control Market Report,” commercial cannabis cultivation operations can find insights into pest control struggles, practices and successes of their cultivation peers, as well as pest control trends across the cannabis industry. This compelling research provides a benchmark for cannabis cultivation pest control that will make valued comparisons possible in future years.

Jolene Hansen is a freelance writer specializing in the horticulture, cannabis and specialty ag industries.