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In typical post-legalization fashion, Montana’s adult-use cannabis sales have continued to take over the medical market since the state launched its recreational retail program in January.

Licensed dispensaries reported nearly $17.3 million in adult-use sales in June, a 22.1% increase from January. Meanwhile, medical cannabis sales dipped to $7.6 million in June, a 24.8% decrease from January, according to the state’s Department of Revenue (DOR).

With that inverse relationship continuing a month-by-month trend, adult-use cannabis sales represented 69% of the total retail market in June—up from 58% in January.

Overall, the Treasure State has sold more than $148 million in total cannabis through the first half of 2022 ($93.7 in adult-use and $54.3 million in medical), generating nearly $21 million in estimated tax revenues, according to DOR.

Representing a constant from the previous month, 28 of Montana’s 56 counties participated in the state’s adult-use cannabis retail program in June, while 36 participated in the medical market.

Montana’s four most populous counties accounted for the largest total sales figures for the month: Yellowstone, $4.2 million; Gallatin, $3.8 million; Missoula, $3.4 million; and Flathead, $2.7 million.

That county quartet represented more than half of the state’s $24.9 million in total sales for June.

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