Rap Icon Rick Ross Partners with Cookies to Form COLLINS AVE

The new COLLINS AVE cannabis brand will launch with three strains selected by Ross and Cookies founder and fellow rapper Berner.

LOS ANGELES, July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -PRESS RELEASE- Cookies, an international lifestyle and cannabis brand, is pleased to announce the launch of a new cannabis brand, "COLLINS AVE," in partnership with rap legend Rick Ross. The COLLINS AVE brand includes three specially curated strains featuring flavor profiles inspired by Ross' identity.  

Ross, along with fellow rap artist and Cookies founder Berner, have taken a hands-on approach to this new brand, with strains named, "Collins Ave," "Pink Rozay" and "Lemon Pepper." These choices of genetics are representative of Ross' connection to Miami and will feature unique illustrations inspired by each flavor profile. The Cookies assortment includes Indica (Collins Ave) and Hybrid (Pink Rozay) varieties, while Lemonade will exclusively feature "Lemon Pepper" on its award-winning Sativa menu.

"When it comes to branding and building something long term, Ross gets it," Berner said. "We have a very similar work ethic and both have spread our wings outside of the music business and what I like most about this partnership is it all happened 100% naturally.  Ross and I met back in the early 2000's at my dispensary in San Francisco.  I never tried to force a music collaboration or anything. When we linked back up recently, everything fell right into place and we are both looking to kill it.  Expect a crazy menu on Collins Ave side with a group project to smoke and ride to."

"I want to be a force within the cannabis industry and bring a superior quality product to the masses, particularly my people in the South," said Ross.   "I'm honored to be in partnership with Berner and Cookies, who, in my opinion, are the best in the business.  I love the product and truly stand behind it.  Watch what we do!"