How to Grow Mother's Milk (Nepali OG x Appalachia)

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Cultivation information for growers, from breeders.

Braden Montgomery, IG: @weedgeek_hi

Cultivar Details:

Plant Physiology: Mother’s Milk is a vigorous, tall plant with large, bright green leaves, and wide internodal spacing. A well-balanced sativa/indica hybrid, Mother’s Milk produces glowing white trichome-rich flowers laced with orange pistils.

Yield: In standard conditions (meaning not at either extreme of temperature or humidity), Mother’s Milk is a high-yielding strain that produces well in almost any grow environment. She performs well in large scale production and lends herself to extraction.

Flowering Time: Recommended flowering time for indoor grows and light-deprivation greenhouses is 60-63 days. Outdoor harvests can be expected mid-late October in Northern temperate settings.

Ideal Environmental Conditions: Mother’s Milk performs best when receiving high-intensity light in both natural and mixed-light settings, as well as indoors. As long as the temperature is kept within a comfortable range, she is able to excel in the greenhouse during lower-light, winter conditions.

Recommended Input Conditions: Both resilient and sturdy, Mother’s Milk is very grower-friendly and will produce well with minimal effort in nearly any system. She performs well in commercial production and can be pushed with a higher EC (electrical conductivity) without any issues.

Susceptibility To Disease: Mother’s Milk does not attract pests easily nor is she susceptible to botrytis cinerea or powdery mildew. However, she can be susceptible to Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd) if propagated past three generations of mother stock without frequent testing.

Cannabinoid Profile: THC 29%-35%, CBG 1%

Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene