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Greg Ellis, Nexus Corp.

As a steward of our industry, Nexus Greenhouse Systems was proud to sponsor the first-of-its-kind research on the cannabis cultivation market, conducted by Cannabis Business Times, a year ago. The information we obtained from those of you who participated was invaluable to us, and hopefully to you as well. This year’s “State of the Industry” report is even more critical. Once again, we supported Cannabis Business Times in its effort to identify trends and nuances to help us all succeed in this ever-changing market.

It was important to establish benchmarks in the first study. We have verified in this second study that as an industry, we have successfully managed the pitfalls of constantly evolving federal, state and local regulations. We better understand how to grow, market and make adjustments. The future looks exceedingly optimistic.

We knew that more people were understanding the values associated with greenhouse growing. This study validates a 13.6-percentage-point increase over just a year ago in the percentage of production area that is in a greenhouse: In 2016, just 5.4% of cultivators said that 50% or more of their cannabis production was in a greenhouse, while this year, that number jumped to 19%. The data also shows that a sophisticated market is developing, as environmentally controlled greenhouses are dominant in the industry when it comes to greenhouse cultivation. The vast majority of cultivators growing in greenhouses are growing in environmentally controlled greenhouses (71%), compared to those growing in hoop houses (26%) and those growing in passive greenhouses (23%).

The research also examines anticipated industry growth, among many other important benchmarks.

Why is this data valuable to you? It is important to base your business decisions on facts. Falling retail and wholesale prices from increased competition, combined with higher energy and production costs, require an efficient growing system to survive and thrive. You need to compare yourself to the industry at large and to see trends that will impact your future.

You also need to partner with someone who has experience in this dynamic market.

Nexus has been a technology leader for more than 50 years in the traditional horticulture market. We have led the industry by introducing innovations in roof styles that improve how we capture sunlight, vent styles that improve ventilation, and products designed to simplify installation and maintenance, and provide the right environment for each crop.

We use that same style of leadership in the cannabis market. Nexus understands that advanced light deprivation and odor mitigation products should not be add-ons, but integrated features. We know how to minimize insects for essential organic growing practices, and how to supplement lighting, irrigation, heating and cooling as needed.

We are not about to rest with our current knowledge and designs. We never assume there is little left to be learned, and we plan on continuing our educational journey with you.

We appreciate your involvement in this study and thank Cannabis Business Times for pioneering this important industry research.

— Greg Ellis, Director of Sales, Western States, Nexus Greenhouse Systems


The research for the “State of the Industry” report was conducted by independent research organization Readex Research, during January and February 2017. Results are based on a total of 237 research participants from North America.

The margin of error for percentages based on 237 respondents who currently own or work for an operation that grows cannabis is ±6.2 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.

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