Best Cannabis Companies to Work For: How the Leaders Stack Up

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February 4, 2020

The 2020 “Best Cannabis Companies to Work For—Cultivation” employee survey included questions about key areas related to employee satisfaction, including leadership and planning, corporate culture and communication, role satisfaction, relationships with supervisors, training and development, pay and benefits and overall engagement. On average, “Best Companies” posted an employee engagement rate of 85% compared with 75% for employers that did not make the list. Here’s a closer look at how the employees of “Best Companies” rate their employers compared to the rest of the participants.

The “Best Cannabis Companies to Work For—Cultivation” survey also included responses from employers on the benefits each company offers. Some key figures to note include:

  • 40% of “Best Companies” pay 100% of their employees’ health insurance premium compared with 0% of all other survey respondents.
  • 100% of “Best Companies” offer an employee incentive or bonus plan compared with 93% of all survey respondents.
  • 40% of “Best Companies” allow employees to take time off for community service or volunteer work compared with 29% of all survey respondents.
  • 80% of “Best Companies” have a formalized succession planning program in place compared with 36% of all survey respondents.
  • 80% of “Best Companies” offer tuition reimbursement for certifications and business education and/or conferences compared with 36% of all other respondents.