Trilogene Seeds Announces Joint Venture with N.G. Heimos, One of the Largest Greenhouses in the Nation

Acres of greenhouse planted will catapult production to 100M of 99-percent feminized hemp seeds by early 2020.

Denver (September 3, 2019) – PRESS RELEASE – Trilogene Seeds, award-winning growers and breeders of feminized high cannabinoid hemp seed varieties designed for optimal extraction and post-refinement efficiency, and N.G. Heimos Greenhouse Corporation, one of the nation’s largest greenhouses, have announced that they have engaged in a joint partnership that will not only increase production one hundredfold by 2020 for Trilogene, but will also spearhead advanced opportunities in agriculture for N.G. Heimos.

“With the growing demand from the agricultural and health and wellness industries, the need to increase the production of feminized hemp seeds is critical,” said Matt Haddad, Trilogene’s founder and CEO. “We have been committed to developing our craft hemp strains for over four years to help stabilize unique varieties for farmers all over the world. Being able to grow our seeds in Heimos’ controlled environment will ensure the purity of our feminized genetics and our ability to produce and provide vigorous varieties that will yield massive CBD and other minor cannabinoids output for non-psycho-active cannabinoid farmers.

“From an entrepreneur’s perspective, this is a dream come true, as there is huge market potential and opportunity to propel both the agriculture and health and wellness industries forward in a big way,” Haddad said. “The future is female…even in the hemp world!”

In 2019, Trilogene planted 1.3 million feminized hemp seeds all over the United States ranging from Colorado to Delaware to Hawaii. This new alliance, Haddad said, will up the production to over 100 million seeds by June of 2020.

“We are excited about our joint venture with Triogene and their cutting-edge genetics,” said Bernie Heimos, president of N.G. Heimos Greenhouses. “This partnership hits the core of our business by expanding production into today’s relevant crops. Although we have no plans to exit the horticulture field, we feel this decision makes sense for us in our expansion plans.”

N.G. Heimos has more than 1,500,000 square feet of greenhouse space and has consistently been ranked in the top of Greenhouse Grower’s list of the Top 100 Growers.

Why feminized seeds?

  • Ensures your crop will be 99-plus-percent female
  • Good farming practices
  • Less field maintenance by not having to pull males
  • Helps optimize and maximize yield per acre

The hemp plant has both male and female flowers which makes it a dioecious plant. By adding an extra X chromosome through a proprietary process, Trilogene is able to offer a “forced” monoecious hemp plant that guarantees over 99-plus percent of the offspring of feminized seeds will be female. It is a good farming practice to use feminized seeds for outdoor cultivation and it’s deemed reckless to plant dioecious seeds where there are other outdoor cannabis cultivations nearby. 

Pollen can travel up to 150 miles and once pollen contaminates a crop, it will be full of unwanted and undesired dioecious seeds that will lower cannabinoid levels and will dramatically lower your ability to properly monetize on the crop.

Feminized seeds are also superior because it will require less field maintenance to pull out your males. Typical dioecious hemp seed will usually yield 50 percent males and 50 percent females versus feminized seed, which will yield 99-plus percent females. Yield per acre will also be optimized with feminized seed because you can get a true sea of green full of big, beautiful buds.