STO Responsible Launches Cannabis Packaging Solutions

The company offers brand-friendly solutions for marijuana products with sustainability and safety in mind.

September 13, 2018

BOULDER, Colo.—Sept. 12, 2018—PRESS RELEASE—The cannabis industry has a serious plastic problem, with millions of single-use plastic containers entering the waste stream every year. Enter STO Responsible, a company created to address the cannabis industry’s packaging needs by providing reliable, environmentally sound solutions. 

STO Responsible was founded by entrepreneurial power team Nicole and Sandra Elkind in response to numerous marijuana-infused product manufacturers (MIPs) who expressed the need for strong, safe packaging intentionally made with waste reduction in mind. 

“We kept hearing from cannabis companies that packaging was their biggest problem,” said Sandra Elkind, co-founder and chief creative officer of STO Responsible. “Clearly, there was an urgent need here that wasn’t being addressed, so we designed STO Responsible containers to serve a number of purposes: To keep cannabis products fresh, be safe around children and pets, offer efficient distribution logistics, reduce manufacturer risk and liability, and serve as a preferred package for eco-conscious consumers.”

The STO Responsible team spent three years in research and development, devising environmentally sustainable packaging solutions that follow the cannabis industry’s strict compliance standards. STO Responsible containers also designed with accessibility in mind: their rectangular shape, depth and wide mouths allow for easy access. The stackable units provide better branding and display options for companies that also must adhere to state-mandated labeling regulations. 

STO Responsible’s customizable sleeves allow brands to showcase their logos and provide consumer education about cannabis products, while a variety of sizes and shapes are available for packaging edibles, flower, vape cartridges, joints, infused topicals and more. The container design is certified by the ASTM/ U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (16 CFR, part 1700) International Standard (ISO 8317) and is manufactured in the USA. 

“The cannabis industry isn’t just a business: it’s a community and a movement, one STO Responsible is very proud to support with environmentally conscious solutions,” said Nicole Elkind, co-founder and CEO. “We designed STO Responsible containers to be something that works well for retailers and manufacturers, and consumers will find them convenient and utilitarian, versus being just another single-use item headed for the landfill.”