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Odor is a powerful force. A simple waft from a fresh pot of coffee can be enough to excite your senses and get you ready for your day. The first whiff of fresh cut grass signals the arrival of spring. And a sniff-and-touch test is still a standard for determining when cannabis has been sufficiently cured.

Odor is also powerful in that it can cause headaches, both figuratively and literally, for you and your business. A complaint about a smelly grow facility or extraction lab can (and often does) quickly escalate from a neighborly squabble to civil suits, fines and regulatory crackdowns.

Unfortunately, odor control is grossly misunderstood. For example, significant differences exist between odor masking and mitigation, as well as between the effect of each on your cultivation operation; nearly a quarter of cultivators, however, are unaware of the differences, according to the research behind this “Special Report: Cannabis Odor Control.” Terms like misting and vapor phase technologies will cause nearly 75% of cultivators to scratch their heads as well; just 25% of cannabis cultivators know the difference between those two odor-masking and -control methods.

This is why Byers Scientific & Manufacturing has partnered with Cannabis Business Times to support vital research in this first-ever deep dive into cannabis odor control, as well as the implications cultivators face when odor becomes an issue for neighbors and/or municipalities.

As cannabis cultivation proliferates throughout North America and beyond, odor control becomes a more pressing concern. Communities unfamiliar with, and often wary of, cannabis don’t typically welcome cannabis odors with open arms. Even those municipalities that do embrace cannabis businesses may turn up their noses at the stench. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 research participants said they have received complaints from neighbors or the community about cannabis odor. Today, having an odor control plan is often a requirement to obtain a permit or operating license.

We started Byers Scientific & Manufacturing to leverage next-generation odor control solutions to join like-minded entrepreneurs and corporations working to leave our globe in a healthy state for future generations. In the cannabis industry, we observed a significant need to educate cultivation businesses about odor mitigation and the environmental and financial risks stemming from misinformation or a lack of knowledge about available solutions.

We are pleased to support Cannabis Business Times in this effort to learn about your odor-related challenges and needs, so that together we can better serve you and other cultivation and processing businesses in building a better, and better smelling, cannabis industry.

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