State of the Cannabis Lighting Market - State of the Cannabis Lighting Market

October 6, 2016

It’s one of the most important factors in cannabis cultivation (no light, no growth). Indoor grows contain “lighting as intense as that found in an operating room (500 times more than needed for reading),” according to Evan Mills’ well-known report “Energy up in Smoke: The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production.” Lighting also is one of the costliest factors in cannabis cultivation. Various reports cite that lighting can comprise approximately 25% to 50% of a cultivator’s energy use and expense. Greenhouse growers also face significant electricity expenses, as the majority use supplemental lighting, and as with indoor growing, this lighting is integral to maximizing yield.

Considering lighting’s importance in cultivation, Cannabis Business Times (CBT) conducted a first-of-its kind research project – in partnership with Readex Research, an independent, third-party leader in market research, and with the support of Fluence Bioengineering – to explore the “State of the Lighting Market.” It addresses questions such as: What types of lighting are most commonly used during various growth stages? Are growers measuring the light that reaches their crops? What other metrics are growers tracking, and why are these important? What is the average yield among professional cultivators, and how does your grow compare?

The research data not only provides answers to these important questions and more, it sheds light on a still-nascent industry that may not be as far advanced as it would like to be when it comes to applying scientific practices that can help maximize yield, reveal inefficiencies and even reduce energy usage and costs.