Introducing Velos

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New technology from Keirton Inc. and Trichome Technologies combines the drying and extracting process in one machine while maintaining flower quality and preserving delicate terpenes.

March 30, 2022

Whether the end goal is large, fragrant, high-quality flower or terpenes for extraction, Velos’ new drying, curing and extraction technology offers commercial-scale solutions.
Photos courtesy of Keirton

Scaling the post-harvest process has long been a challenge for cannabis cultivators looking to increase efficiency while maintaining flower quality. Keirton Inc. and Trichome Technologies have collaborated to produce a commercial-scale product to help solve this dilemma, combining the drying and extraction processes into one machine.

Velos Cold Cure is a revolutionary process that quickly dries cannabis flowers while preserving their delicate terpenes, vibrant colors, and fresh bud size. Using this game-changing innovation, growers can dry cannabis within 24 hours rather than one to two weeks, saving precious time and mitigating the challenges that often crop up with traditional drying and curing, such as mold, mildew, and terpene loss. Flower quality is not only sustained, but is elevated using this technology, as Velos Cold Cured buds are twice as large, more fragrant and maintain their fresh look.

Cultivators also save on the space drying rooms require and the labor needed to complete this stage. Timing becomes more predictable, reducing bottlenecks and getting product to market more quickly.

Velos Essence is an all-in-one solventless, organic solution for both drying and extracting the full spectrum of terpenes from cannabis without the degrading effects of heat.

While some cannabis extractors require dry biomass (not fresh frozen hydrocarbon or microwave extractors) to supply their cannabinoid extraction processes, they also need a way of collecting the full spectrum of available terpenes for their unique entourage effects. Velos Essence carries out the drying process in a way that also collects and preserves 85% of the available terpenes—the natural aromatic compounds that are responsible for scent and effect characteristics in cannabis—by using low-temperature vacuum distillation.

Essence oils captured through Velos’ patent-pending technology can be utilized for a multitude of products, ranging from vape cartridge flavors, edibles, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals.

Another added strategic advantage is that it allows terpene isolation and collection from separated trichomes from cannabis, which dramatically increases the isolation and collection rate of available terpenes. This in turn increases productivity and efficiency, lowering the overall cost of production.

Velos is scalable, and our design and manufacturing team will work with you to build a system right for your production needs and volumes.

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