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May 31, 2019

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“Let us be blunt: TSA officers DO NOT search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. Our screening procedures are focused on security and detecting potential threats.”

^ The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a statement on its Instagram account reaffirming its policy regarding cannabis possession on flights: It doesn’t allow it, but it’s not the administration’s priority to search for cannabis products. Source: TSA/Instagram

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“We might in fact have false positives or maybe even false negatives. It’s just not accurate.”

^ As Vermont lawmakers continue to debate whether to legalize the production and sale of adult-use cannabis, impaired driving has become a hot-button issue. Rep. Maxine Grad, D-Moretown, the chair of the Vermont House Judiciary Committee, raised concerns about the accuracy of the available roadside technology for testing cannabis impairment during one of her committee’s hearings. Source: New England Cable News

“We also feel we have been deceived. As a result, no matter what we do as an organization going forward, Open Cannabis Project will never escape this deception.”

^ Former Open Cannabis Project Executive Director Beth Schechter announced on May 6 that the nonprofit organization would be shutting down by the end of the month. This announcement follows vast breeder and grower outcry over Phylos Bioscience announcing its own breeding program, contradicting what the company has, for years, told cannabis breeders and growers who shared their genetics with the ag-tech company. Source: Statement from Beth Schechter/Medium