Balancing Cultivator Needs, Consumer Demands

Special Report - 2022 Breeding & Genetics Market Report | Introduction

May 9, 2022

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Cannabis cultivation operations face a proliferation of genetics as the industry and the plant itself advance at mesmerizing speed. Cultivators are constantly challenged to find the perfect balance in genetics that optimize growing efficiencies and satisfy increasingly sophisticated consumers.

To gain more understanding regarding factors driving cannabis breeding and genetics and cultivator challenges, Cannabis Business Times, with support from Occo Innovation and in conjunction with third-party researcher Readex Research, conducted exclusive industry research for this 2022 inaugural “Breeding & Genetics Market Report.”

In order to include breeding and genetics data most pertinent to cannabis cultivation operations, the majority of these study results are based on participants who indicated they currently own or work for a licensed commercial cannabis operation that offers cannabis for sale and is located in the United States, a U.S. territory, or Canada.

Through the data presented in this 2022 “Breeding & Genetics Market Report,” cannabis cultivation operations can gain insight into industry trends and the goals of their peers, while breeders can better understand what growers are looking for. This vital research also establishes a baseline for future comparison regarding the state of breeding and genetics in cannabis cultivation as the industry continues to mature.

Jolene Hansen is a freelance writer specializing in the horticulture, cannabis and specialty ag industries.