How To Grow Bacio Gelato

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Bacio Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC) is bred by Mario Guzman AKA Sherbinskis.

Photo Courtesy of Sherbinskis

Cultivar Details:

Plant physiology: Bacio Gelato is a sturdy plant of medium height with broad, dark green leaves. This elite clone-only variety has some exceptional old-school Afghanica (or Indica) traits. The flower has a pine-cone structure with purple lavender hues, large, crystal-laden bracts, and distinct, well-proportioned orange pistils.

Average yield: Under ideal conditions, Bacio Gelato grows vigorously and has a decent stretch during flower, leading to good yields and an easy-to-process flower structure. She performs well in large-scale production settings and yields up to 60 grams per square foot.

Flowering time: Recommended flowering time for indoor and light-deprivation greenhouses is 56-60 days. Outdoor harvests can be expected early to mid-October in most Northern temperate settings.

Ideal environmental conditions: Like most cannabis varieties, Bacio Gelato performs best when receiving high-intensity light in all cultivation environments. This variety does well in warmer, drier outdoor environments with lower relative humidity. Bacio Gelato does well in greenhouses if light levels are high and average 24-hour relative humidity is below 60%.

Recommended input conditions: Bacio Gelato is slightly sensitive to over-watering early on whilst setting its root system. Once the plant is established, she is resilient and can handle most irrigation strategies with ease. Bacio Gelato is fairly grower friendly and will produce well with minimal inputs under an organic system. At the same time, she can handle high EC levels when pushed harder for commercial production.

Integrated pest management notes: Bacio Gelato can be susceptible to diseases including Botrytis cinerea under high relative humidity environments and cold temperatures. It doesn’t attract pests and has shown good general resistance in many different environments over the past few years.

Cannabinoid profile: THC: 24%-26%; CBG: 2%

Terpene profile: Caryophyllene, pinene