HP Mini bucking machine

HP Mini bucking machine

June 1, 2021

Centurion Pro


Expanding on the CenturionPro's vision to develop a superior bucker for every harvest, Mini Buckers are powerful yet affordable solutions to streamline small- to medium-sized operations. Inspired by the best selling GC1 and HP1 Bucking Machines, with the ability to process wet and dry plants, the GC Mini and HP Mini benefit from the same brand-name parts and exceptional construction as the highly sought-after de-stemmers, but scaled down for enhanced portability and affordability.

With variable speed control for enhanced versatility, the HP Mini was modelled on the seminal HP1 Bucker. HP stands for "High Performance" and represents CenturionPro’s workhorse line of buckers. Priced at $8,495, the HP Mini utilizes two rollers that pull stems into the bucker, which allows operators to continuously feed the machine for more efficient de-stemming. Mini but mighty, the powerful de-budder accepts stems up to 1/2” in diameter and can buck up to 125 lbs/hour wet (25 lbs/hour dry).