Ontario Government Introduces Proposal to Permanently Enable Cannabis Delivery and Curbside Pickup

The proposal would allow retailers to continue supporting physical distancing and general public health directives.

Cannabis Delivery Services

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The Ontario government introduced the Supporting People and Businesses Act Thursday to provide continued support to citizens throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by modifying or reducing specific standards and regulations. 

Part of the wide-ranging bill is a proposal to enable cannabis retail stores to offer delivery services and curbside pickup permanently.

According to the Ontario government website, the proposal would allow "retailers to continue supporting physical distancing and general public health directives."

High Tide, a Canada-based retail-focused cannabis company, announced its support of the government's proposal.

"Along with many other businesses, legal cannabis retailers have seen their bottom lines impacted by the pandemic," said Raj Grover, High Tide president and CEO, in a press release. "As lockdowns were put in place, the government of Ontario listened to legal cannabis businesses and allowed us to offer curbside pickup and delivery services to our customers on a temporary basis. This decision helped many smaller cannabis retailers stay afloat and limit layoffs, while providing the sector with an important tool to combat illicit market operators, many of whom began ramping up their unregulated delivery services as the pandemic hit.”

"I am pleased that the Ontario government has now decided to make the delivery allowance permanent," Grover added. "Through the pandemic, licensed cannabis retailers have proven that we can operate home delivery in a safe and secure manner that allows adults to have timely access to the regulated and quality-controlled products that they want, while ensuring that, unlike illicit market operators, access to youth is strictly forbidden."

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