Prospective Medical Marijuana Growers Weigh Legal Options After Being Denied Ohio Licenses

Cincinnati-based CannAscend said it plans to file a lawsuit against Ohio regulators over its medical marijuana cultivator license application process.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Several companies that were denied Ohio licenses to grow medical marijuana are evaluating their legal options, and one company is threatening a lawsuit to seek relief.

Cincinnati-based CannAscend plans to file a lawsuit over what it contends were several "fatal flaws" in the state's process of evaluating applications for licenses. Jimmy Gould, CannAscend CEO and co-founder of Ohio's 2015 failed marijuana legalization measure, said state regulators need to redo the scoring process with new application reviewers.

Gould said he's spoken to several other cultivators who were denied licensing and who plan to take legal action.

"The notion that none of them or us received scores above 142 points is disturbing, at best, and will be proven to be in serious error in the extensive discovery process to accompany the onslaught of litigation that is forthcoming against the state from our group and dozens of others," Gould said in a Friday news conference.

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