Michigan Regulators Will Allow Mega-Growers of Medical Marijuana

Rules released this week specify that one person or business can apply for as many Class C licenses as they want.

The state is opening up the medical marijuana business to big-time grow operations, according to an advisory released Thursday.

When the Legislature passed medical marijuana bills last year, it created three classes of licenses for growers: Class A - up to 500 plants; Class B - up to 1,000 plants and Class C - up to 1,500 plants.

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The rules advisory released this week, however, specifies that one person or business can apply for as many of the Class C licenses as they want, opening up Michigan’s market to mega growers.

“The stacking of class C grow licenses is a more efficient way for LARA (the state department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) to keep track of large grows in the state,” said LARA spokesman David Harns. “Stacking will also allow businesses to operate more efficiently, which in turn will allow for a better consumer experience.”

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