Landrace Bioscience Acquires 40,000-Square-Foot Processing Facility and 350,000 Pounds of Hemp for Pharmaceutical-Grade Consumer Products

In the newly acquired Tennessee processing facility, Landrace Bioscience will convert 350,000 pounds of hemp into a wide array of consumer products for wholesale use.

Chattanooga, Tennessee (August 1, 2019) — PRESS RELEASE — Landrace Bioscience, an industrial-scale hemp processor, has announced the acquisition of a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing space to be fully converted into an industry-leading lab and processing facility for the production of wholesale consumer hemp products. Also announced is their contract to purchase 350,000 pounds of raw hemp to be processed into hemp distillate and oils.

“When we founded Landrace, we did so to become the premier processor of pharmaceutical-grade hemp products for consumer goods in the country,” said Landrace Bioscience CEO John DeMoss. “As the hemp and CBD industry rapidly expands, there is an ever-growing need for trusted, high-quality hemp oils and distillates that can be incorporated into consumer goods. Our bulk quantities of USDA Organic hemp and our adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensures our clients that Landrace products can be trusted to be used in the expansion of their existing brands.”

The Landrace team is comprised of veterans from the pharmaceutical, agricultural and business fields. For wholesale customers, Landrace offers full-spectrum hemp oil, full-spectrum distillate, zero-THC broad-spectrum distillate, and nano-emulsified water-soluble oil. Additionally, expert research and development, as well as formulation services are available for brands looking to incorporate CBD into new or existing product lines.

Leading the product team at Landrace is Noi Obias, Ph.D., an MIT and Johns Hopkins University trained specialist with nearly 20 years of consumer product experience.

“We are racing into the hemp industry with the appropriate balance of strategy and urgency,” said Landrace Bioscience Chief Science Officer Dr. Noi Obias. “We are harnessing decades of experience and knowledge to deliver top-tier products to our partners who have customer-bases ready for hemp-based options."

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