JuanaRoll Preroll Machine Now Even More Flexible

Canapa unveils new "grow as you go" preroll automation.

Photo courtesy of Canapa

July 20, 2022 – PRESS RELEASE – Canapa has announced that its JuanaRoll automated preroll machine is now available in eight different configurations to fill most every production rate need.

The JuanaRoll is the industry’s most flexible pre-roll machine with a straight-line design that allows users to expand production as needed. Customers can now start with a one-channel model and produce up to 4,000 prerolls in an eight-hour shift and then expand up to an eight-channel model or anything in between to produce up to 32,000 prerolls per eight-hour shift.

Featuring the most edge weight cell technology with 2/1000g resolution, an integrated PreCheQ check weigher and stations for compacting, tamping, twisting, trimming and crowning, this high-performance machine also includes no cone-no fill detection, a cone open camera vision system, and two digital cameras with free online support and training.

The JuanaRoll is designed for speed, accuracy, flexibility and expandability. This highly productive machine is built with a stainless-steel frame and contact parts to allow for easy cleaning and includes a user-friendly HMI for unlimited recipe setup and precise control over compaction and twisting. Real-time production reporting can be displayed at the touch of a button and data is easily exported to USB or email.

For a full-length testimonial video and to learn more about the JuanaRoll pre-roll machine, including operational videos from facilities around the world, visit www.canapasolutions.com/pre-roll-packaging-machine.

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