How to Grow Karma Genetics' Zowahh (Zkittels x Karma Sour Diesel)

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July 6, 2020

Photo Credit: @Terpalooza

Cultivar Details:

Plant physiology: Medium to tall plant. Zowahh produces bulky, rounded buds with heavy, swollen calyxes. She has a decent stretch, with few side branches. She often takes on a shape resembling a tall Christmas tree, with a dense, heavy central cola.

Average yield: Expect average yields of 700-plus grams per square meter or 2 ounces per square foot once Zowahh has been dialed in to an indoor environment. (Greenhouse tests have not yet been run on Zowahh.)

Flowering time: Karma Genetics lets Zowahh plants run for 70 days for best results. Although faster phenotypes may show up, the most desirable plants are closer to the 70-day maturation mark.

Ideal light-intensity setting: Karma Genetics usually runs Zowahh plants indoors at 600 to 750 watts/meter. It can handle full sunlight without any issues, and is more forgiving, vigorous and productive than the Zkittels parent.

Ideal cultivation environment temperature: For the best flower structure and terpene profile, Zowahh prefers slightly lower temperatures as terpenes and resin glands start to form in flower. The best bud and terpene development are found at 25 to 26 degrees Celsius (77 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit). However, it’s more important to build a healthy, productive plant at higher temperatures than to artificially push temperatures too low, which can lead to root problems and nutrient buildup in the root zone. It’s a balance that has to be dialed in for each grow area.

Ideal cultivation environment relative humidity: RH should drop slowly throughout the crop cycle. 60% to 70% during vegetation, dropping slowly to 45% to 60% through flowering. The fastest growth is seen at slightly higher RH during transition into flower.

Water needs: Zowahh has a fairly standard water usage curve throughout the cycle for its physiology. It’s best to have slightly more aggressive dry downs with a high drain percentage each watering to keep salt buildup lower while you get to know and dial in each phenotype. These plants do not like to stay constantly wet in the root zone.

Nutrient needs: Nutrient needs are within normal parameters. Terpenes are affected if nitrogen is in excess after 45 days in flower. Focus on having plenty of potassium and calcium available to the plants in the last few weeks of flower.

Cannabinoid profile: Zowahh is a high-THC varietal with only trace amounts of secondary cannabinoids.

Terpene profile: Due to her extremely pungent, candy-sour aroma, extra care should be taken to ensure your odor control systems are working.

Susceptibility to any diseases/conditions: Zowahh is quite resistant to most diseases and pests, especially mites. For Zkittels-leaning types that have smaller, dense flowers, it’s important to watch out for mold if the climate has humidity or temperature variations through the day/night periods.

Sjoerd Broeks has more than 25 years of cannabis cultivation and breeding experience. After completing the start-up stage at The Pharm as cultivation director, Broeks is now the genetic development and R&D director for The Pharm LLC, a cannabis cultivation business in Willcox, Ariz. Connect with him on Instagram at @genefinderog.