Valens and BRNT Launch New Disposable Vape Line

The companies are releasing three vapes in Canada under the new Made By line, and also announced an amendment to their business relationship.

KELOWNA, British Columbia, June 8, 2020 /CNW/ -PRESS RELEASE- The Valens Company, a producer of cannabis products, announced June 8 the launch of the vape line "Made By" in partnership with BRNT Group. Additionally, the company made public a strategic amendment to its existing custom manufacturing agreement with BRNT, a cannabis product design company.

The new Made By line will include three disposable vape pens designed in collaboration with Canadian artists. The line of vape pens will be available both online and at select retailers in Alberta later this month. In the coming weeks, the pens are expected to hit shelves in British Columbia, in addition to both online and in select stores in Ontario. All three of the pens are high THC, low CBD blends called Headband, White Rhino and Critical Kali Mist.

Valens also announced an amendment to its existing multi-year custom manufacturing agreement with BRNT. Prior agreement terms, including profit-sharing and minimums, were amended to a royalty structure to provide more streamlined economics and incentivize high volume sales in a dynamic market. The Valens Company is also partnering with BRNT on a new product line of 510 thread vape cartridges, set to launch in late 2020.