U.S. Grants Trait Biosciences Patent for Process to Increase Cannabinoid Production Up to 200%

Trait Amplified technology increases trichome production and up-regulates the production of cannabinoids.

LOS ALAMOS, NM,  April 29, 2020 / - PRESS RELEASE - Trait Biosciences Inc., a biotechnology research organization providing innovative technology to the hemp and cannabis industry, has announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office has allowed the company protection for its Trait Amplified technology that increases trichome production and up-regulates the production of cannabinoids.

This is the newest of more than 90 patents held, applied for or licensed to Trait within cannabinoid research. Specifically, the patent notes that:

  • Trait has identified a gene that, when expressed in a cannabis plant, increases trichome production by at least 30%, and increases total cannabinoid production by almost 200%.
  • For select cannabinoids like THC and CBD, the increased production was even greater, at 400% and 300%, respectively.

“This latest patent is an important advance in protecting our commercial partners who will utilize Trait’s technology to build competitive advantage for their businesses,” said Peter McDonough, chief executive officer. “In the face of the challenges of operating during the disruption of COVID-19, the Trait team remains focused on unlocking the potential and power of cannabinoids for applications across consumer and health and wellness businesses. This recent patent reflects the continued advances being led by our renown team.”

This patent allowance reflects a major advancement in hemp plant transformation led by the scientists at Trait. While other research institutions have attempted without success to metabolically engineer the Cannabis sativa plant, Trait's achievement is the first time a hemp plant has been stably transformed and successfully grown roots and stems.

This science paves the way for Trait to commercialize its Trait Amplified technologies. Hemp plants grown under proprietary Amplified technology utilize greater photosynthetic efficiency, generate more trichomes, and can deliver cannabinoid yields that are 2x to 4x higher than conventional plants. In addition,  Trait is developing proprietary technology which enables the plant to produce water-soluble cannabinoids that provide increased bioavailability and more rapid onset time than conventional plants.