Thar Process Inc. Announces New Media for All SFC Systems

The company's remediation process has a lower "Total Cost of Ownership" compared to CPC, HPLC and Flash Chromatography techniques.


PITTSBURGH, Pa., March 3, 2021 — PRESS RELEASE — Thar Process Inc., a developer of advanced technologies for the purification of natural products using CO2, announces 2 new advances: the first ever Isolator™ SFC 20 SFC system installation and a new media for all SFC systems: Isolator XX-HFT™. The new system processes up to 10 kg/day and the new stationary phase is especially suited to remediate Delta-9 from high CBD, CBC, CBN and even high Delta-8 mixtures. The process has a lower 'Total Cost of Ownership' compared to CPC, HPLC and Flash Chromatography techniques - per a 3rd party independent study.

The Isolator™ series of column media (stationary phases) are specifically engineered for hemp/cannabis purification - especially for those trying to clean up unwanted isomers from CBD to Delta-8 or CBN conversions. The new media allows Thar’s customers using the Isolator™ SFC 10, 20 or 60 to separate their extracts from unwanted compounds such as pesticides/fungicides or THC.

The novel Isolator XX-HFT™ is a bonded silica-based stationary phase available in 10um particle size allowing for greater polar retention through a useful range of interaction mechanisms. Thar’s Isolator SFC™ systems utilize dynamic axial compression (DAC) columns to allow for simple packing/re-packing of material – which allows users to switch applications daily if necessary. Learn more here.

“We developed the Isolator XX-HFT phase to help customers who were struggling with retention time variability, inadequate column lifetimes, long run times, and low retention of highly non-polar compounds like cannabinoids,” explained Lalit Chordia, PhD., CEO of Thar Process. “With these new phases specifically designed for the interaction between hemp extract moving through a column in CO2 with only 1-3% ethanol as a co-solvent – we can dramatically reduce the operating costs associated with making compliant and non-detectable Broad Spectrum CBD oils.”

To ensure high reproducibility, each Thar Isolator XX-HFT™ column and batch is certified by a stringent QC process comparing both analytical and DAC columns from the same batch. This ensures the applicability of our new media for commonly used types of detection such as UV-VIS, ELSD, CAD and MS. In addition to the selectivity and particle performance benefits, a simplified set of running conditions was developed for use with the new Isolator™ SFC 20 system – allowing for universal training and support for customers around the world. Thar Process intends to publish significant data on the isolation of minor cannabinoids and other non-hemp natural product extracts in the coming months.