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August 3, 2016

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Cmte. SD-342

“Let me just be frank. I fundamentally believe that the war on drugs in this country and around the world has been a monumental disaster. It’s been a disaster in public health terms. It’s been a disaster in public safety terms. It’s been a disaster in fiscal terms and a disaster in human rights terms.”

Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, at a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs senate committee hearing examining alternative approaches to the war on drugs.

Source: Cannabis Business Times


Allen deserves and ... will receive great credit when people write the history of this movement.”

Kevin Oliver, executive director of NORML’s Washington chapter, on national Executive Director Allen St. Pierre, who resigned July 15. Pierre has been the face of the organization since 2005.

Source: Cannabis Business Times

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“It’s like trying to sell cars, but only having one at a time and you can’t get another for two or three months out.”

Nate, owner of FiveLeaf Organics in Montana (requesting anonymity), about the 2011 Montana Marijuana Act, which limits the amount of patients a provider can have to a total of three. The U.S. Supreme Court refused in June to hear an appeal of the case.

Source: Flathead Beacon

“When children eat this, it can make them very sick because it contains marijuana – which is a drug.

Suggested age-appropriate language for children about edibles from the Washington Poison Center, which recently unveiled its new child warning sticker (right). In 2015, the center received 272 calls for children exposed to marijuana, according to a center press release.

Source: Washington Poison Control