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Check out the latest greenhouse structure and components technology.

July 27, 2018

Gro-Tech Systems Alpine Series Greenhouse

The Alpine Series greenhouse is designed for commercial operations that need the capacity and flexibility to grow at scale. Our patented automated light deprivation technology is at the core of our structure, giving you the advantages of indoor growing without the challenges of traditional greenhouses.


Whether extending your day or extending your season, the Fluence VYPRx PLUS LED solution has the power, energy efficiency and longevity to grow sunup to sundown (or when there’s no sunlight at all). Purposefully designed for greenhouse supplemental lighting with a passively cooled, 2.75” thin form factor, VYPRx PLUS is virtually shadow-free while emitting more than 1,100 umol/m2/s at only 525W.

Cannabis Irrigation Supply 12-Outlet Manifold

The pressure compensating 12-outlet manifold is at the center of Cannabis Irrigation Supply’s most successful systems. The 12-outlet manifold shines at efficiently irrigating your plants without needing long coils of redundant tubing to ensure even flow across your irrigation zone. Systems using these tend to cost only $1 to $2 per plant.