Tips for Growing Original Glue (GG4) from GG Strains

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Cultivation information for growers, from breeders.

Photo courtesy of GG Strains

Cultivar Details:

Flowering time: 58-63 days

Ideal light-intensity setting: This really depends on the operation or grower. … Generally, she isn’t a big fan of over-lighting.

Ideal cultivation environment temperature: She likes it around 74 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ideal cultivation environment relative humidity: 45 percent

Water needs: HEAVY! [She] likes to drink!

Nutrient needs: Less is more! She is easier to handle [if you need to increase your nutrients] rather than going down. Most overfeed her, and she doesn’t like that.

Terpene profile: Highest in: caryophyllene, myrcene. Moderate levels of: humulene, limonene and pinene. Total terpene content: 14.3 mg/gram of mass.

Susceptibility to any diseases/conditions: This is all about your environment. From the certified partners GG Strains has, not one has had any disease that would stem from the DNA of this plant.

Josey Whales, Lone Watty and Cat Franklin are principals at GG Strains, a Nevada-based cannabis genetics and seed company.