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Supplement - Growing Media Guide

January 9, 2018

Clarity Farms Photo: Cary Wilton

Cultivators across the board understand that the media in which their cannabis grows is much more than a plant holder. It’s the vessel in which roots take in essential nutrients and ever-so-important H2O. In other words, media is a vital component to plant health.

However, it’s noteworthy to mention that media is not a one-size-fits-all growing element. Depending on your operation’s goals, budgets and environment, the right growing media for you may differ from your fellow cultivators. Maybe you’ve found rockwool to be your go-to option, or you’re experimenting with hydroton (hydroponic grow rocks), or even learning that a mix of peat in combination with other media types has proven to be your plants’ best bet for high quality. Perhaps you want a media option that can be recycled in your grow, or peace of mind by starting fresh with new product at the beginning of every plant cycle.

But even beyond that crucial product selection, you may also find uniqueness in the challenges you face, from understanding the media additives required to keep nutrients and pH at desired levels, to ensuring there’s enough aeration in your media to keep excess moisture at bay.

To shed light on these topics and more, Cannabis Business Times studied readers’ media preferences and practices for this first-of-its-kind “Growing Media Guide.” In this report, we share how cultivators purchase and think about their growing media. We’ve also recruited cultivators and plant experts to share important considerations when making media selections, growing media tips relating to care and storage, and more.

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