Kombucha (Sour Diesel x Purple Punch F2)

Kombucha (Sour Diesel x Purple Punch F2) is bred by Symbiotic Genetics.

Cultivar Details:

Photo by Erik Christiansen (IG: @Erik.Nugshots)

Plant physiology: Kombucha is a vigorous plant that grows quickly with a bushy, sturdy structure once topped a few times. The flower color ranges from green with purple hues to a deeper purple tone, dependent on phenotype, and the flower formation resembles large golf balls. Though very similar to Purple Punch in both structure and ease in processing, it also takes after Sour Diesel in having a slightly looser flower density and bract formation.

Average yield: Kombucha yields of 99 grams per square foot have been recorded in small trials by Symbiotic Genetics. On a larger scale from clone, yields of more than 65 grams per square foot can be expected.

Flowering time: Recommended flowering time is 63 to 70 days in a greenhouse/indoor environment under a 12/12 photoperiod. In a full-term outdoor setting, most selections are ready by early to mid-October.

Ideal light-intensity setting: This cultivar really turns on and responds well to a high light intensity environment, whether under HPS, LED, or full sun with a consistently high PAR value.

Ideal cultivation environment temperature: Kombucha can handle warmer temperatures and a more generative environment without issue. Like most varieties, Kombucha responds well to cooler, dryer climates during the last two weeks of flower.

Ideal cultivation environment relative humidity: Kombucha is mold-resistant but relative humidity should be gradually reduced during the last four weeks of flower, winding down to 45% to 50% in the last two weeks.

Water needs: Kombucha needs a considerable amount of water to support its rapid growth. It has a very quick growing vegetative state, similar to most grower-friendly commercial California varieties.

Nutrient needs: Kombucha will perform well under a standard fertilizer regime. This variety is not particularly sensitive to any inputs or fertilizers. She is easier to grow than her Sour Diesel parent and has a vigorous root system.

Cannabinoid profile: 23% THC; sum of all cannabinoids is 27%

Terpene profile: Burned rubber and diesel. In hash form, Kombucha coats the mouth with diesel, leaving hints of grape on the backend. Diesel terpenes dominate most of the phenotypes.

Susceptibility to any diseases/conditions: Not particularly susceptible to any diseases or environmental conditions. Its Sour Diesel origins make Kombucha less prone to mold issues.

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