New Labeling Rules Now in Effect for All CBD Oil Sold in Indiana

CBD distributors are playing catch-up four months after the state legalized sales.

July 3, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – The Indiana General Assembly legalized CBD oil in March, but additional rules take effect this week that impact anyone who buys or sells the product.

The rules – intended to help both consumers and law enforcement – impose new labeling requirements on all CBD products sold in Indiana, and those who break the law could face stiff penalties. A day after the new rules took effect, WTHR found many CBD distributors and retailers are now scrambling to meet the state’s mandatory CBD labeling regulation.

“We’ve been planning for this, and we think overall it’s good thing,” said Josh Hendrix, a spokesman for CVS Sciences, which produces one of the most popular brands of CBD oil now sold in Indiana. “We've sent everybody tags to put on their current inventory, so as of July 1st, these [products] will continue to be legal in the state of Indiana.”

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