What Does a Hemp Field Sound Like?
Courtesy of Agoria

What Does a Hemp Field Sound Like?

Newly launched Hemp FM broadcasts the sounds of a French hemp crop.

July 2, 2021

A field of hemp plants stirs in the wind an hour outside of Paris. Thanks to the curious work of musician Agoria, Oscar-winning sound designer Nicolas Becker and biophysicist Nicolas Desprat, we can tune in and hear what that field sounds like right now.

Call it radio for the plant kingdom: Hemp FM is a novel twist on our engagement with cannabis. 

“Generated by data extracted from the hemp field at le Chateau du Marais [in] Paris, France, Hemp FM offers a journey into the fertility of the hemp and lets us spin with the microscopic interconnections of the living local ecosystem,” according to press materials.

The team gathered data from the soil, specifically, picking up on the movement of bacteria beneath the hemp plants. That data—from the plants’ respiration to photosynthesis—was then converted to soundwaves. The result is similar to whale calls or migratory birdsong: a glimpse into the rhythms of a local ecosystem’s communication with itself.

If anything else, it’s a relaxing and ambient backdrop for whatever work you may be doing. Just a fun bit of hemp news for your weekend.