6 Fixtures to Light Up Your Grow

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July 28, 2022

FOHSE launched the company with the A3i LED, and today, six lights now form the fixture family. From professional horticulturalists to at-home hobbyists, FOHSE offers models for a range of growing environments and setups.

FOHSE prides itself on its lights’ longevity and designs systems that make installation simple, even for those who have not cultivated under high-intensity light levels. FOHSE’s mission is to create lighting solutions and fixtures that enable previously unobtainable results, increasing productivity from 30% to 60%.


Protected from surges, dust, debris, mites, spores and water, the A3i by FOHSE is an unstoppable powerhouse of a grow light, capable of an unrivaled output of high intensity, full-spectrum light.

Industry-leading lenses focus more light to hit more of the canopy, while spectral customization provides light for all stages of growth.

Passive heat management and power ramping features make this the most efficacious light in its class, with PPE figures that remain unmatched, and a total potential output that pushes the boundaries of cannabis cultivation.


The most powerful and efficient commercial LED grow light the world has ever seen has been re-imagined for the home grower. With Aries, FOHSE has taken top-of-the-line diodes and industry-leading polycarbonate focal lenses and given the power of the professionals to the masses. With three distinct spectral modes and no ‘Infrared Spike’, it has never been easier to grow like a pro.


The F1V vertical grow light from FOHSE is the perfect balance between power and performance. Featuring precision photon density from industry-leading diodes, the F1V is specifically designed to ensure that there are no hot or cold spots on your crop. Its advanced thermodynamics optimize diode performance and keep the light from overheating at no extra cost. Simple installation and easy touch screen controls make this light perfect for new companies looking to grow fast.


The O6i is a greenhouse’s best friend, providing significant output in a compact size. The O6i produces more photons per footprint than any other greenhouse light on the market. With Light Harvesting, the O6i can self-adjust in increments as little as 1% in real time to counter daily light fluctuations. The O6i was made to ease the transition from HPS to LED, providing 50% greater output and 42% better efficacy than HPS lights.


Pleiades is the perfect supplemental greenhouse light source. Its seamless integration creates best-in-class light uniformity, never casting a shadow on your crop. Pleiades delivers more photons for less energy, providing efficiency unrivaled in the industry. Additional light harvesting sensors measure the natural light in the greenhouse, and adjust light output accordingly. The fixtures can even be daisy-chained to avoid the overhaul of existing electrical infrastructure.


Designed for unbelievable yields, Scorpio is the most powerful and efficient 1000W grow light available. Passive cooling leaves its surface cool to the touch and sends more power directly into the diodes. With swiveling light bars and industry-leading lenses, Scorpio is perfect for close-to-canopy, single, or multi-level environments, providing maximum canopy penetration. Featuring specialized spectral distribution with full network control for one touch adjustments, these lights will have even new growers operating like seasoned professionals.


The Pisces is the first light by FOHSE that can be utilized for growing any plants. Its innovative design is perfect for hobbyists and horticultural homebodies alike, featuring points of articulation that allow it to be folded and stored with ease. The smaller size and low weight allow it to be hung in anything from a commercial trellis to a backyard pop-up tent. This is a FOHSE light stripped down to its bare necessities. Now, growers won’t have to break the bank to get full-spectrum benefits and long-lasting light.