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“I don’t often use superlatives, but it’s easy to say that 2016 will be the most significant year yet in the battle to repeal marijuana prohibition in the United States.”

Rob Kampia, Marijuana Policy Project’s co-founder and executive director, in a column looking ahead to 2016. Kampia says Vermont could legalize through legislation, and he looks to Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada for state ballot initiatives this year. Source: Huffington Post

“I wanted to do something that made a difference.”

Mindy Segal, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate owner and celebrity chef, on what inspired her to create her line of cannabis-infused sweets. The edibles, made in partnership with Cresco Labs, will be sold in licensed dispensaries in Illinois. Source: Yahoo News

“This is another extension of being a good steward of the community.”

Victor Pinho, Berkeley Patients Group communication director, who teamed up with Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley to deliver two full vans-worth of toys to donate to the Berkeley Police Department’s Toys for Tots program. Source: SFGate
“In short, these guidance documents simply suggest that prosecutors and bank regulators might ‘look the other way’ if financial institutions don’t mind violating the law. A federal court cannot look the other way. I regard the situation as untenable and hope that it will soon be addressed and resolved by Congress.” R. Brook Jackson, U.S. District Judge, in his decision dismissing the Fourth Corner Credit Union’s case against the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The Federal Reserve bank blocked FCCU from serving legal cannabis businesses by denying it a “master account.” Source: Court documents
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“Treat it just like any other medication that you’re getting from your doctor. Don’t keep that around your children and don’t keep this around your children.” Darren McCrea, Spocannabis owner, on child safety measures like adding “Mr. Yuk” stickers to cannabis edibles. Washington State is revising rules on edible packaging to make it less appealing to children. Source: KXLY.com
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