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July 27, 2018

Michael Armstrong, a professor at the Goodman School of Business at Brock University, believes Canada’s packaging laws around cannabis will fuel the black market. He says the plain-label requirements will lead to consumers believing legal cannabis is a lower-quality product than black market cannabis and that they will keep making unlawful purchases. Source: The London Free-Press

An Arizona Court of Appeals ruled June 27 that the state’s medical marijuana law does not permit the use of cannabis extract products, such as oil cartridges, frustrating business owners and patients. Advocacy coalition Safer Arizona’s chairman, Dave Wisniewski, told Cannabis Business Times that the ruling is yet another setback the industry has to fight against. Source: Cannabis Business Times

Alberta is not going to allow garden centers to sell cannabis plants or seeds, instead opting for them to be sold in cannabis stores. Lisa Silva, marketing manager at Bluegrass Nursery in Calgary, Alberta, lamented the missed chance for nurseries to get involved in the industry. Source: CTV News

MedPharm Iowa owner Dr. Chris Nelson says Iowa’s medical cannabis program, which is set to launch Dec. 1, will not be ready to adequately serve the state. His comments come after the state announced it awarded only its second license to cultivate and process cannabidiol (CBD) to Cedar Rapids-based Iowa Relieve, LLC, on June 29. Source: KCRG-TV9