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Departments - Publisher’s Note

November 18, 2015

Photo by Jason Miller

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Cannabis Business Times, the only national trade magazine exclusively focused on the grower/cultivator segment of the marketplace. It is designed to guide you in your business success, whether you’re part of the 75 percent of cultivators growing indoors, the 20 percent of the market growing in a greenhouse or the 5 percent that grow outdoors, or you’re considering launching or adding one of these types of growing operations.

Launching a magazine in an emerging industry is exciting and very rare. GIE Media Inc., our parent company, announced its acquisition of the Cannabis Business Times media brand in April. Investing in the future of our business, capitalizing on emerging markets and seeing trends before they happen are the reasons that GIE Media Inc., our family-owned business, has been successful over the past 35 years. We have grown to more than 100 employees serving horticulture, environmental and technology markets globally through print and electronic media, custom publishing, and face-to-face events.

We’re excited to bring the established Cannabis Business Times brand and quality standards to this market in this new print format to serve you, the cannabis cultivator.

Cultivation, in itself, could certainly be called an art form. Important decisions linger around every corner—decisions about soil, nutrients, lighting, temperature control, dehumidifiers, ventilation, whether you should grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse structure or explore vertical growing, how you should brand and market your product, what your legal liabilities are, what regulations and compliance issues are changing, your financing options, and many more.

CBT will provide you with actionable intelligence to help you make more informed decisions that make the most sense for the future success of your business.

As we introduce this premier issue, I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our advertisers who are supporting our Cannabis Business Times magazine launch and can be found throughout the pages of this issue. While you read through this magazine, please take the time to check out these market-leading companies who are committed to our mission of providing business information to help you and your business, as well as the industry, reach new heights. We thank them for the support of the industry!

For those of you who have just met us, here in print, be sure to check out our website,, for up-to-date news affecting the industry, as well as information and interviews on business strategy and cultivation. We also encourage you to follow us on social media to get to-the-minute updates and to sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, which brings you a glance at each week’s top stories.

So, again, welcome to our premier print issue. We’re looking forward to helping your business succeed with high-value content—every other month though our new magazine, and more frequently through our weekly e-newsletter and daily online services.

Jim Gilbride, Group Publisher | 216-393-0245