Med-X Inc.'s Nature-Cide Insecticide Moves into Cannabis Cultivation Supply

April 4, 2016

[Press Release] LOS ANGELES, April 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Med-X, Inc. announced today that its Nature-Cide products are beginning to generate revenue ahead of the company's original revenue schedule due to industry demand. Med-X, Inc. has struck a deal with cultivation distribution venue GrowMinded to supply Nature-Cide to cannabis cultivators in multiple states. "The Nature-Cide products have been tested and utilized by multiple cultivators for pest management and pest prevention," states Med-X, Inc. COO and Nature-Cide co-developer Matthew Mills. Mills went on to say, "We are thrilled to have distribution partners like the GrowMinded team."
"GrowMinded's team of experts has worked with top growers to test many products, only offering our customers the best brands on the market; which is why we are proud to offer Nature-Cide as our flagship pest control solution. Not only is Nature-Cide safe, registered with state regulatory agencies, but its ingredients are all-natural," explained Ryan McDowell, CEO of GrowMinded.
Test results from farms and gardens across the state of California from the Bay area, Emerald Triangle and Southern California are continually coming in.   "We use Nature-Cide in our production facility as a contact kill against a broad spectrum of insect pests at every stage of plant life. We also use it in our facility in our cleaning protocols. This product has lived 100% up to my expectations and I highly recommend it," states Sam Magruder, of San Francisco based Sustain Farms. 
Nature-Cide's All Purpose product is on the approved list of pesticides for use on cannabis by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and on the recommended list in Washington State and Oregon. "Health and safety are something we take very seriously and we want to make it clear that our intentions are to help the cultivation community by providing stellar products that live up to the cultivation standards and demands that cultivators now expect," states Mills.
"Nature-Cide has consistently proven to be the most effective way to treat and prevent mites and other pests. That's why we have our top commercial customers beginning to use Nature-Cide in their large-scale grows and why we offer it to growers with gardens of all sizes on," states McDowell.
States where recreational use of cannabis is legal are paving the way on how all regulations and oversight will progress as the plant moves more mainstream. Just like any other crop, drug or consumer product, producers will not have a choice but grow responsibly and produce medicine or products that are not laced with dangerous chemicals. Nature-Cide is positioning itself to be the leader and is offering growers a solution that is proven to work and eliminate the fear and anxiety that comes from managing pests and the regulators.
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Nature-Cide is a 100% natural and highly effective insecticide and pesticide product line. To learn more about Nature-Cide and/or Med-X, Inc., please visit both websites at &