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With more and more commercial cannabis growers entering the field, turning a profit has never been more of a challenge. You need a way to scale your business quickly so you can thrive in a competitive landscape.

Svensson greenhouse climate screen solutions give you an edge by empowering you to control your crop’s climate— helping you save money on energy costs, improve the quality of your crops and achieve higher yields.

With our screens, you can effortlessly control your crop’s climate, from tweaking humidity and temperature to blocking sunlight and unwanted pests. By eliminating the need for other costly solutions such as pesticides and reducing your need for lighting, you can save money on operational costs and make more of both types of green.

Precious Sleep for Plants—or Neighbors

Svensson’s Obscura light deprivation blackout screens have been giving plants a good night’s rest for over 25 years. Double and triple layer Obscura screens do so by providing total blackout from daylight—up to 99.9 percent. Depending on your layer selections, Obscura can also prevent supplemental lighting from escaping the greenhouse at night. This lets neighbors get a good night’s sleep.

Obscura’s unique breathable knitted structure provides good moisture management properties for humidity control, minimizing plant disease and powdery mildew. Prolonged periods of consistent darkness using Obscura can enable potential extra harvests within the yearly growing season.

Svensson climate screens are produced with pride and passion right in our own factory, allowing us to control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. All of our screens are UV resistant and come in a variety of flame-retardancy levels, the majority of which meet strict North American fire codes and the industry’s highest safety standards.

Cultivation is in Our DNA

At Svensson, we’ve built our legacy on creating innovative textile solutions for more than 130 years. As a fourth generation, family-run company, we’re familiar with the kind of hard work, dedication and patience it takes to run a successful business. We bring the same attentive devotion to our customers’ businesses—combining carefully designed, highly functional textiles with extensive know-how.

Request Custom Climate Advice

Svensson Climate Advice is the service we provide so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the climate screen you need. We tailor personalized climate advice based on analysis of your growing situation, local climate, greenhouse type and other relevant information. Whatever your business goals, consider Svensson your partner for complete climate control.

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Svensson Climate Screens

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