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Effective, controlled drying of a large cannabis harvest requires high-capacity rooms with uniform airflow and tight control over temperature and humidity.

April 9, 2020

Photos courtesy of Argus Controls

The drying process is one of the most critical stages of cannabis production. With the right solution, producers can maintain product quality, preserve terpenes and prevent microbial formation. Effective drying of a large harvest of cannabis requires high-capacity rooms with uniform airflow and tight control over temperature and humidity.

High ventilation, low humidity and slightly lower temperature are required during the drying stage to reduce water content and remove pigments and chlorophyll while preventing mold formation.

Conviron’s rooms are specifically designed to provide highly uniform conditions for drying and curing that result in a consistent, repeatable product. Cultivators can control the rate of moisture removal by precisely manipulating the temperature, humidity and flow of conditioned air. When fully integrated with an Argus Controls system, cultivators can develop custom drying regimens followed by a controlled holding or curing stage without ever having to remove dried product from the room.

Uniform Environment, Consistent Results

Using an integrated air-handling system for temperature and humidity control, conditioned air is distributed horizontally from perforated wall plenums to create a uniform environment throughout the room. Whether hung on racks or placed on trays on carts, such a system allows air to flow evenly through all the plant material. With the ability to hold, accelerate and decelerate the rate of moisture removal, cultivators can hone the drying and curing process to achieve their quality and production goals.

“For drying rooms, it’s more than just a highly engineered and reliable turnkey solution. Their real secret sauce is in the controls strategy and programming that allows you manage temperature and humidity throughout the process—allowing operators to experiment and establish their own drying regimens,” says Mike Hoffman, a leading consultant specializing in the commercial production of cannabis. “In doing so, they can dry at cooler temperatures that lock in the trichomes and preserve those precious terpenes that are critical to distinguish flavor and aroma, and yet are volatile to temperature. The unique airflow design in the Conviron rooms means that the plants will dry evenly throughout the space, which will help preserve the integrity of the bud and the moisture content of the end product. As a result, operators can develop and repeat drying recipes that differentiate their product from others.”

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