California Growers Association Provides Update on California Cannabis Legislation

California Growers Association Provides Update on California Cannabis Legislation

A state banking bill remains in committee and will not be turned into law in 2018, but cannabis business owners are granted business tax deductions.

August 17, 2018

California Growers Association (CGA) Executive Director Hezekiah Allen had “some good news and some bad news” for California cannabis industry stakeholders in the wake of several committee hearings in California’s legislature.

In a late-night letter emailed to stakeholders on Aug. 16, Allen outlined key legislative updates from the state’s lawmakers.

CGA’s highest-priority legislation, AB 2641, which would have allowed cannabis growers and manufacturers to sell products directly to patients and consumers at special events, was held in committee, meaning that the legislation has stalled for the year.

“It kind of breaks my heart that—for the next year at least—the people who make the products won't be able to sell directly to the people who love the products,” Allen wrote. “There is such magic in buying things from the person who made it, even if that person doesn't have access to a retail license.”

AB 924 and SB 930—bills that would have provided support to tribal cannabis and banking—were also held in committee, Allen added.

Despite these setbacks, several other bills passed out of committee and will now go to the senate and/or assembly for votes on the floor:

  • SB 311, a cannabis distribution bill;
  • SB 1294, which supports the statewide cannabis equity program;
  • SB 829, to support the state’s cannabis compassion programs;
  • AB 1863, which deals with tax deductions for cannabis businesses; and
  • SB 1409, to help support the production of industrial hemp.

Allen’s complete letter can be found below.

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