Braingrid Provides Real-Time Reports in the Cloud for Cannabis Companies

The company brings cloud services, the Internet of Things and, soon, AI and machine learning to the cannabis market.

February 13, 2019

Braingrid is one of the first firms to bring the transformative impact of cloud services, the Internet of Things, and soon AI and machine learning to the cannabis market.

Braingrid is one of the first representatives that will be the next wave of public cannabis companies--firms creating innovative solutions for cultivators.


Product Overview

Braingrid provides a wireless analytics system that delivers real-time insights, alarms and reports on a cannabis grow. The system leverages sensors to measure variables within the microclimates in a grow facility. These can include temperature, moisture, soil or nutrient pH, air pressure, humidity and more. Braingrid aggregates and evaluates this information in real-time and sends insights and notifications to the cultivators as needed. Cultivators can check in on the status of their grow from wherever they have an Internet connection.

Via its wireless analytics solution for precision agriculture, Braingrid enables cannabis cultivators to compete more effectively, optimize their use of resources and be more profitable.

The monitoring system detects and records anomalies and trends, and can predict the future by integrating various sources of data (including its sensors) and analyzing complex anomalies and signatures.

As the cannabis market continues to grow and competition heats up, cannabis cultivators have a deep need to ensure their facilities and crop are optimized in terms of yield and cost.

This has resulted in the demand for technical solutions that enable cultivators to have real-time insight into the state of their cultivation facilities. Conversely, Braingrid estimates that by the end of 2019 there will be 100 million square feet of growing space for cannabis in North America. This represents a recurring revenue opportunity of $10M per month. This opportunity will likely continue to grow as the cannabis market expands, with some estimates predicting the total cannabis market to reach $500B within seven years.