Atalo Holdings Launches New Consultation Subsidiary

The hemp research, development and production company launched Hemp Knowbility at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s 2019 Hemp Summit.


December 6, 2019, Louisville, KY – PRESS RELEASE – Atalo Holdings, a hemp research, development and production company doing business in six states with headquarters in Winchester, Kentucky, launched a new consultation subsidiary, Hemp Knowbility, at the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s 2019 Hemp Summit Dec. 4.

“Hemp Knowbility will offer economical, hands-on consulting packages and one-time seed licenses for farmers, whether they be organic producers, experienced hemp growers or first-time hemp farmers. Access to seed and agronomics for a compliant product will be critical as states adopt the recent USDA [U.S. Department of Agriculture] guidelines,” said Atalo CEO William Hilliard. 

Hemp Knowbility builds on Atalo’s 25 years of research and development in the U.S. and Canada and the best practices developed by the Atalo Growers’ Group over the past five years, as well as a 200-year heritage of hemp farming in Kentucky. The new subsidiary will make this information available in affordable packages that include farm visits, phone and video support, and access to consistent, quality hemp seed.

Joe Collins is a hemp grower in Northern Kentucky. “The Hemp Knowbility team was a big help in raising the three hemp crops I’ve grown,” he said. “In a new industry that, at the present time, is uncertain about a lot of things, it’s really helpful to have a team in place to help us farmers on decision making. My consultant has been a huge help in the growing process. It means a lot to be able to call someone instantly to answer any questions that may come up.”

Rhonda Cornett, the chief operating officer for Hemp Knowbility, is well-known in agriculture for her experience as a farmer, as a grower representative for Altria and as the manager of grower communications for the Atalo Growers’ Group. “As the hemp industry continues to find its footing, farmers are looking for proven agronomics, advice on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) documentation and reliable seed for a compliant crop as they add hemp to their rotation. The response at the Kentucky Hemp Summit was excellent. We’re here to help and excited to get started,” Cornett said.

Editor's Note: Andrew Graves, a chairman of Atalo Holdings, will speak at Cannabis Conference 2020 on "Lessons on Long-Term Survival Amidst Commoditization" at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 23.