Arizona Governor Opposes Ballot Measure to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis
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Arizona Governor Opposes Ballot Measure to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Gov. Doug Ducey called the measure “a bad idea based on false promises.”

August 3, 2020

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has submitted statements in opposition to three of the four ballot measures expected to appear on the state’s 2020 ballot, including one that would legalize adult-use cannabis, according to a report.

Ducey called the ballot initiative, which was supported by Smart and Safe Arizona, “a bad idea based on false promises,” the news outlet reported. He said experiences from other states with legalized cannabis point to more highway deaths, increases in teen drug use and more newborns exposed to cannabis.

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Ducey said the state’s medical cannabis program, which voters approved in 2010, “is serving the people who need it for health-related reasons,” according to

The Secretary of State’s office has received additional arguments from opponents of the legalization measure, the news outlet reported, and all of those arguments, in addition to a handful of arguments in favor of the initiative, will be included in publicity pamphlets mailed to the homes of all registered voters.

In addition to the cannabis legalization measure, Ducey also voiced his opposition to a ballot initiative that would increase taxes on the wealthy to help fund education, as well as one that includes various provisions relating to hospitals and healthcare, reported.