5 Nutrition Questions with Emerald Harvests’ Robert Higgins

Supplement - Ask the experts: Nutrition

July 3, 2017

When it comes to cannabis, you get out what you put in. That’s why choosing the right nutrients for your crop is critical for your business’s success. Using the wrong nutrient program can impede your plants’ growth, affecting everything from yield to potency. Emerald Harvest CEO Robert Higgins shares his insights on how to get the most from your feedings.

1. What are key nutrition-related steps to improve yields in my garden?

The secret to high yields is providing the right amount of nutrients at the right times. Following a plant-specific feeding schedule from a company that specializes in your specific plants’ requirements positions plants to reach their maximum genetic potential. Nutritional imbalance dramatically affects weight and yields. At Emerald Harvest, we have experts available to help commercial clients understand what’s best for their individual gardens.

2. Which are the most important plant nutrients?

When choosing nutrients, many growers decide based on N-P-K ratio alone. Instead, they should ensure their gardens get the full range of nutrients needed to flourish. Plants need both macro- and micronutrients to thrive. Every ingredient—including trace elements iron, molybdenum and boron—are critical links in the chain of proper plant nutrition. In addition, plants benefit from formulations providing chelated elements and amino acids from plant-based proteins.

3. How can I grow the healthiest plants while also meeting regulatory standards?

Emerald Harvest’s Honey Chome increases aroma and resin content in your crop.

To grow green, you have to grow clean. We formulate our base nutrients and supplements with the highest-quality, cleanest-testing ingredients available. Then we test them again to ensure they meet stringent guidelines to confirm they are safe for end-product consumers.

4. Do hydroponic nutrients work in soil?

Hydroponic nutrients are suitable for all growing media, including soil. Note what some refer to as “soil” isn’t always dirt! Some bagged products called “soil” are actually soilless holding media. With those, you can follow our standard feeding schedule. If you grow in a charged medium, or outdoors in dirt, simply adapt your feeding schedule. Download our free feeding charts at emeraldharvest.co.

5. What’s your top tip for high-quality harvests?

Over the years we’ve perfected the art of plant nutrition and learned the importance of a holistic approach. From inoculating the rhizosphere with Root Wizard, our massive root builder, to maximizing trichome and terpene production with Honey Chome, our aroma and resin enricher, the entire plant matters. As we say, “Love your plants!”

Looking for more tips from our experts? Ask your own question at emeraldharvest.co/hydroponics-faqs/.

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