4 Nutrient Tips from Dyna-Gro®

Special Advertising Section - 2018 Tips Issue | Tips from Dyna-Gro

December 3, 2018

Dyna-Gro products can be injected at appropriate intervals, eliminating the need for mixing and hand watering.
Photo courtesy of Dyna-Gro®

1. Reduce Costs

Labor and nutrient costs can be reduced with proper practices. In the adjacent photo, Dosatron® injectors inject four essential Dyna-Gro products at appropriate intervals from 5-gallon drums, eliminating the need for mixing and hand watering. The first injector adds Pro-TeKt®, which passes through a mixing chamber to ensure uniform dilution. Then Foliage-Pro®, Mag-Pro® and Bloom™ are added. By increasing or decreasing the injection rates, more Foliage-Pro can be applied for veg, less for flowering and the reverse for bloom. Mag-Pro can be applied at a low rate and increased during flowering for improved flavor and scent. Dyna-Gro products are available from one gallon to totes and provide complete nutrition. Growers only need to ensure the application rates are appropriate for the growth stage and the drums are not empty. Automation leaves time to perform regular inspections to ensure that insects, mites and fungi are not present. Good hygiene and proper nutrition can eliminate the need for chemical pesticides.

2. Tailor Formulas

Every essential mineral element is present in all of Dyna-Gro’s complete formulas. From tissue analyses of dozens of Cannabis indica hybrids, we know the exact concentration of each element and have tailored our nutrients accordingly—never a deficiency, no money wasted on “snake oil” products. The order of importance of the macro and micro nutrients is the same for every hybrid. Our Foliage-Pro is formulated to provide the macro and micro nutrients in the exact proportions needed for optimum cannabis growth. Our Bloom is tailored for flowering.

3. Eliminate Chemical Pesticides and Fungicides

Pro-TeKt stimulates plants’ natural defenses against insects and fungi as well as increasing plants’ metabolic processes, and it may be applied foliarly for added benefits. Pro-TeKt, a surfactant, may be used to raise pH. A properly nourished cannabis plant will have levels of silicon only slightly less than nitrogen and potassium.

4. Keep It Simple

There is no need for 15 to 20 different products to grow a perfect plant. For any plant in any medium–indoors or out–coir- or peat-based soilless media, DWC, NFT Dyna-Gro is the ideal source of complete, balanced nutrition.

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