May 23, 2022

Hawthorne Gardening Co.


Developed by our team of horticultural nutrition specialists, FloraPro is General Hydroponics’ O.G. three-part nutrient system, precision-formulated for high-value production plants where results are paramount.

FloraPro provides consistent, quality inputs for contemporary vegetable varieties, small fruit production, culinary and aromatherapeutic herbs and microgreens, and other crops grown in controlled environments, whether in indoor grow rooms or greenhouses. 

FloraPro Grow and FloraPro Calcium + Micros help to build hardy roots, stems, and leaves during vegetative stages. FloraPro Bloom and FloraPro Calcium + Micros supply plants with the specific nutrients they require to develop fruits and flowers during bloom cycles. And for plants with just a vegetative stage, FloraPro Grow provides the nutrients they need to help them thrive. To achieve specific goals, customize nutrient regimens with the help of our online multi-language feedcharts.

The water-soluble formulas, explicitly designed for large-scale fertilizer injection systems, are now more concentrated, so less is needed to achieve the same optimal results, saving growers time and money.

Cost effective. Consistent. Easy to use. 

The FloraPro system sets a high standard for nutrients to meet the high standards of a competitive industry.