Cal-Mag Plus

Cal-Mag Plus

April 16, 2021

Hawthorne Gardening Co.

Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus by Hawthorne Gardening Company is formulated to correct common deficiencies so growers can focus on what makes their grows unique. By helping protect against secondary nutrient deficiencies, this bestselling, professional-grade supplement can help maximize growth in heavily fruiting plants and fast-blooming annuals like cannabis.

Quality nutrition for plants is essential for many reasons, including: 

  • Can help prevent or address issues that arise from calcium, magnesium, and iron deficiencies
  • Compensates for the natural calcium draw of unbuffered coco coir fiber

Cal-Mag's benefits include: 

  • Fully soluble formula that won't clog spray lines or drip emitters
  • Easy to use and scalable for small gardens or commercial facilities
  • No. 1 bestselling Botanicare supplement