Trade Associations

Cannabis Business Times' list of trade associations is updated regularly. Please contact us if you'd like to add or edit your association's information here.


American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

The AHPA aims to promote the responsible and sustainable trade of herbal products to ensure the informed and safe access products. 

American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH)

ATACH promotes the expansion, preservation and protection of business in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

The ASA's goal is to ensure the safe and legal access to cannabis for both research and therapeutic use. 


BIPOCANN's mission is to increase BIPOC visibility in the legal cannabis industry.

Cannabis Business Alliance

The Cannabis Business Alliance advocates for a sensible and collaborative policy that will protect employees, patients and clients of the medical and retail cannabis industry. 

Cannabis Business Association

The Cannabis Business Association is involved in efforts to legalize cannabis and create a stable and regulated cannabis industry.

Cannabis Certification Council

The Council's purpose is to educate both the consumers and the industry about sustainable and quality products in the cannabis world. 

Hemp Industries Association (HIA)

The HIA aims for legalizing hemp across the United States and for setting high standards for hemp products. 

Marijuana Business Association (MJBA)

The MJBA is a PR agency that is dedicated to providing reliable business intelligence in the legal cannabis sector.

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)

The MPP's main mission is to end the prohibition of cannabis. They mobilize resources to create long lasting policy solutions that improve the quality of life, empower individuals with personal choice, combat injustices and promote equity.

Minorities for Medical Cannabis (M4MM)

M4MM's vision is to create a welcoming community focusing on an inclusive environment of diversity, experience and opportunity throughout the cannabis industry. 

Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA)

The MCBA acts for the needs of minority cannabis businesses and communities. 

National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB)

The NACB aims for members to be responsible, trustworthy and compliant in order to have an ethical cannabis industry.


NORML's mission is to move the public's opinion to legalize the responsible use of marijuana, and to advocate for marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

The NCIA promotes responsible, sustainable and inclusive growth of the cannabis industry throughout the United States.



Canadian Cannabis Association

The Canadian Cannabis Association aims to advise, support and fulfill the needs of the cannabis industry in Canada.

Cannabis Council of Canada

The Cannabis Council of Canada acts as a national voice for the promotion of cannabis industry standards. 

Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES)

The ACCRES works to promote and advocate for private cannabis retailers in Canada.


Alberta, Canada

Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC)

The AGLC regulates cannabis products in Alberta. 


B.C., Canada

Craft Cannabis Association of B.C. (CCABC)

The CCABC aims to bring quality to and support the craft cannabis industry in British Columbia.


Manitoba, Canada 

Cannabis Business Association of  Manitoba (CBAM)

CBAM aims to bring together its community members and provide reliable support for the cannabis community. 

New Brunswick, Canada

New Brunswick Cannabis Office (NBCO)

The NBCO's main purpose is to support growth opportunities for Atlantic Canada's cannabis industry.

New Brunswick Craft Cannabis Association

The New Brunswick Craft Cannabis Association supports an environmentally, inclusive and economically stable legal craft cannabis industry. 




Alabama Cannabis Industry Association

The Alabama Cannabis Industry Association aims for the legalization of medical cannabis consumption. 



Alaska Marijuana Industry Association (AMIA) 

The AMIA aims for a reasonably regulated Alaska-based cannabis industry.



Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association (AZCNA) 

The AZCNA promotes the education of cannabinoid medicine through nurses, other healthcare professionals and the public. 

Arizona Dispensaries Association (ADA)

The ADA's mission is to advocate and promote a safe and consumer-focused cannabis industry.

Marijuana Industry Trade Association

The Marijuana Industry Trade Association help Arizona's cannabis industry stay informed to make sure that the states program in fair, tightly regulated and successful. 



California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA)

The CCIA promotes the responsible and legitimate cannabis industry growth in the state of California.

California Cannabis Manufacturers Association

The California Cannabis Manufacturers Association aims to protect and improve a strong business climate for California cannabis producers and manufacturers. 

California Distribution Association (CDA) 

The CDA advocates for solutions that ensure consumer safety, economic viability for small businesses and promote supply chain integrity.

California Growers Association (CGA) 

CGA is an organization that provides helpful insight on all things cannabis and CBD for all.

Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN) 

The CVCAN delivers a productive and responsible voice within the cannabis industry in Coachella Valley. 

Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) 

The HCGA supports environmentally and ethically produced cannabis and works to preserve the famous cannabis industry in Humboldt County. 

Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association (MCCIA)

The MCCIA's mission is to promote all aspects of the cannabis industry in Monterrey County.

Nevada County Cannabis Alliance (NCCA)

The NCCA promotes reasonable local policies and to advocate, educate and connect within the cannabis industry.

San Luis Obispo County Cannabis Growers Alliance

The San Luis Obispo Cannabis Growers Alliance promotes reasonable cannabis laws in SLO county as well as strives to empower the community through education. 

Santa Ana Cannabis Association

The Santa Ana Cannabis Association protects consumers in Orange County.

Sonoma County Growers Alliance (SCGA)

The SCGA's goals are to engage and educate their local community on regulated cannabis, advocate for farmers to have a less restrictive ordinance and to support and develop an appellation system for cannabis in the county. 

Southern California Coalition

Southern California Coalition's purpose is to ensure that cannabis policies are responsibly implemented and inclusive at the local, state and federal level. 


Colorado Cannabis Growers Association

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association aims to support and protect the rights of cannabis growers and users. 

Colorado Leads

Colorado Leads' mission is to develop a strong reputation with policy makers, the cannabis industry and the media.

Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) 

MIG seeks to advance appropriate legislation, regulation and implementation of Colorado's licensing and regulatory program. 

Southern Colorado Cannabis Council

The Southern Colorado Cannabis Group promotes health and well-being to all cannabis users, recreational and medical. 

Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (WCCC)

The WCCC aim is to support women and empower them into a powerful result in the cannabis industry. (Formerly known as the Colorado Cannabis Chamber)



Connecticut Pharmacists Association Academy of Medical Marijuana

The CPA Academy's mission is to foster communication and share information, experience and expertise to advance and maintain the pharmacy practice in a medical marijuana dispensary setting in CT.



Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition 

The Delaware Cannabis Policy Coalition aims to end cannabis prohibition for adults 21 and older, promote social equity in legalization and take cannabis sales off the illicit market by creating a well-regulated system of licensed cannabis businesses.


District of Columbia (DC)

DC Cannabis Trade Association (DCCTA)

The DCCTA aims to increase access to cannabis as well as improve diversity and social equity for all residents of DC and visitors. 

DC Cannabis Business Association (DCCBA)

The DCCBA promotes the local cannabis industry, provides educational opportunities for its members and advocates for legislation and regulation. 



Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida (MMBAFL)

The MMBAFL protects and promotes a rational and compassionate approach to FL's emerging medical marijuana industry. 

Florida Cannabis Business Alliance (FCBA)

The FCBA advocates for the legalization of medical cannabis in FL and their mission is to support the cannabis industry in FL.



Georgia Cannabis Trade Association (GA-CTA)

The GA-CTA advocates to advance regulations that will foster a robust cannabis industry as well as prioritizing public safety and health for GA's consumers.

Georgia Cannabis Industry Association (GA-CIA)

The GA-CIA aims to unite the cannabis industry in GA and works to defend and advance the industry.



Hawaii Cannabis Industry Association (HICIA)

The HICIA's mission is to promote and protect the legal cannabis industry by providing its members a unified voice, education, effective advocacy and strong leadership. 



Idaho Cannabis Industry Association (ICIA)

The ICIA supports a sensible and safe cannabis/hemp legislation in the state of ID.


Cannabis Business Association of Illinois (CBAI)

The CBAI serves Illinois' cannabis industry by advocating for patient well-being, greater equity and inclusion, consumer safety, job creation, community investment and the responsible use of cannabis. 

Illinois Craft Cannabis Association (ICCA)

The ICCA focuses on the craft cannabis sector of craft growers, infusers and transporters. 



Kansas Cannabis Industry Association

The Kansas Cannabis Industry Association advocates for the legalization of medical cannabis in KS and promoting the growth of a regulated industry. 

Kansas Cannabis Business Association (KSCBA)

The KSCBA supports the economic and societal benefits of medical cannabis. 

Kansas Cannabis Chamber

The Kansas Cannabis Chamber provides networking, education and consultation to the cannabis industry. 


Kentucky Hemp Association (KYHA)

The KYHA mission is inclusion and the betterment of all stakeholders within the KY hemp industry.



Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine (MMCM)

MCMM promotes and supports safe access to medical marijuana. 

Maine Cannabis Industry Association

The Maine Cannabis Industry Association advocates for a fair responsible and regulated free-market cannabis industry in ME.

Maine Growers Alliance

The Maine Growers Alliance ensures the security of smaller sized cannabis cultivation. 



Maryland Medical Dispensary Association (MDMDA) 

The MDMDA advocates for regulations, laws and public policies that create a healthy, secure and professional cannabis industry across MD.

Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (CANMD) 

CANMD works to promote the responsible advancement of the medical cannabis industry in MD.

Maryland Cannabis Industry Association (MDCIA)

The MDCIA's mission is to advocate for public policies, regulations and laws that foster a healthy cannabis industry. 




The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition aims to educate the public about cannabis sativa's potential. 

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Dispensers' Association (MMDA)

MMDA works to provide guidelines, good practices, government regulation compliance, vendor support and research about the cannabis industry. 

Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association 

MassCBA is an advocate for responsible growth of the cannabis industry in MA.



Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MICIA)

MICIA advocates for a policy environment where cannabis can thrive.

Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association (MCMA)

The MCMA provides safe and tested cannabis products to Michigan consumers



Minnesota Cannabis Association 

The Minnesota Cannabis Association's mission is to advance the vitality and growth of the MN cannabis and CBD industry seed to sale. 



MS Cannabis Trade Association (MSCTA)

MSCTA aims to unite the cannabis industry and serve the diverse interests of the cannabis market. 



Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association

MoCannTrade works to build a successful, safe and compliant medical cannabis industry. 

Missouri Cannabis Industry Association (MCIA)

The MCIA's mission is to promote and shape the legalization of cannabis in MO.



Montana Cannabis Guild

The Montana Cannabis Guild works to defend the right to consume legal cannabis and to champion homegrown businesses across the state. 



Nebraska Cannabis Association (NCA)

The NCA lobby’s for sensible rules and regulations and supports its members to be successful in the cannabis industry. 



Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association

The Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association promotes the medical marijuana industry in Nevada.

Nevada Cannabis Association

The Nevada Cannabis Association are committed to promoting great practices throughout Nevada cannabis businesses. 


New Hampshire

NH Cannabis Association

The NH Cannabis Association connects, organizes, educated and supports the communities of the cannabis industry.


New Jersey

New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association (NJCIA) 

The NJCIA promotes sensible policy in the cannabis industry.

New Jersey CannaBuisness Association

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association promotes jobs and growth in a sustainable and responsible NJ cannabis industry.

New Jersey Trade Association (NJCTA)

The NJCTA's goal is to make a legal cannabis market that works for everyone by creating an industry that is safe, affordable and accessible.


New Mexico

New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

The New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce goal is to bring together retailers, growers, manufacturers and service providers to work collectively.

NM Independent Cannabis Association

NM IndCA aims to make NM's cannabis market fair for small, diverse and local cannabis businesses. 


New York

New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association (NYMCIA) 

The NYMCIA aims to serve and protect the patients of NY's medical cannabis industry. 

Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association

The Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association promotes legal cannabis and encourages businesses to work together in order to establish the highest standards in Hudson Valley communities.

New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association

The New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association represents farmers, processors and other within the cannabis industry. They prioritize environmental sustainability, consumer conscious practices and community building. 


North Carolina

North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association (NCIHA)

The NCIHA is dedicated to farming, processing, manufacturing and establishing an industrial hemp commerce in NC.



Ohio Cannabis Association

The Ohio Cannabis Association aims to provide a voice that can bring together businesses, patients, advocates, leaders and consumers to promote a safe cannabis market in OH.

Ohio Medical Cannabis Industry Association (OMCIA)

The OMCIA works to improve the medical marijuana program in OH.



Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association (OCIA)

The OCIA works to support a friendly environment for OK's cannabis industry. 



Oregon Cannabis Association

The Oregon Cannabis Association aims to educate and elect candidates who will support a regulated cannabis business community. 

Oregon Cannabis Business Council

The Oregon Cannabis Business Council aims to connect with the local population and lobby against issues impacting local businesses' and ensure the community's voice is heard.

Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA)

ORCA's purpose is to support and create a thriving, safe, legal and respected cannabis industry. 

Cascade Cannabis Association

The Cascade Cannabis Association's mission is give voice and unify the legal cannabis community as well as give light to the positive impacts the industry is having in central Oregon.


Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (PCC) 

The PCC's mission is to protect and preserve PA's emerging medical marijuana market as well as advocating for the adult use market. 


South Carolina

South Carolina Cannabis Association (SCCA)

The SCCA advocates for compassionate care and access to medical cannabis for those that need it.

South Carolina Hemp Association (SCHA)

The SCHA supports farmers, retailers and manufacturers and educates the public about hemp's uses and benefits. 

South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance

The South Carolina Compassionate Care Alliance works to advocate for medical cannabis for the patients of SC.


South Dakota

Cannabis Industry Association of South Dakota (CIASD)

The CIASD works to build a responsible and successful cannabis industry.



Tennessee Medical Cannabis Trade Association (TMCTA)

The TMCTA advocated for the legalization of medical cannabis in TN.

Tennessee Growers Coalition (TGC)

The TGC supports pro-hemp and pro-cannabis advocacy, legislation and awareness.

Hemp Alliance of Tennessee (HAT)

HAT centers around growing and empowering a flourishing hemp industry in TN.



Texas Cannabis Industry Association (TCIA)

The TCIA works to promote the favorable social, economic and legal environment for a legitimate and responsible cannabis industry in Texas. 



Utah Cannabis Association (UCA)

The UCA aims to advance the UT cannabis industry by promoting a safe, responsible and patient focused medicinal marketplace environment.



Vermont Cannabis Trades Association (VCTA)

The VCTA's mission is to promote industry standards and support the development and integrity of the regulated cannabis industry. 

Vermont Growers Association 

The Vermont Growers Association ensures VT has a viable and small business-driven cannabis marketplace through advocacy and education.



Virginia Cannabis Industry Association (VCIA)

The VCIA aims to advance regulations, legislation and implementation in support of VA's regulated cannabis industry.

Cannabis Business Association of Virginia

CannaBizVA's mission is to advocate for the expansion of hemp and cannabis markets as well as protecting the cannabis market in VA.

Virginia Medical Cannabis Coalition (VMCC)

The VMCC ensures that laws, regulations and public policy are patient centered. 



Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA)

WACA brings its members support and representation before regulatory agencies and the legislature. 

Vashon Island Marijuana Entrepreneurs Alliance (VIMEA)

VIMEA educates and lends support to the islands patients. 

Washington Sun & Craft Growers Association

The Washington Sun & Craft Association promotes policy that emphasizes Washington's independent cannabis farmers. 



Wisconsin Cannabis Trade Association (WISCTA)

The WISCTA's mission is to promote job creation, patient privacy, industry growth and fair regulation of cannabis. 

Wisconsin Cannabis Association

The Wisconsin Cannabis Association advocates for cannabis business opportunities, supports science and medical research, and advocates for social justice in WI. 


Wyoming Hemp Association

The Wyoming Hemp Association's mission is to unite hemp stakeholders for a healthy, innovative and vibrant hemp culture in WY to support the development and growth of the industry.