The Landscape of Legal Cannabis in the U.S.

There are presently 21 U.S. states that have passed adult-use cannabis legalization in some form, as well as 39 states that have passed medical cannabis legalization (including each adult-use state). In the table below, see where each state stands with its most recent legislative development—and the year in which that measure was passed.

 Alabama Medical2021
 Alaska Adult-Use2014
 Arizona Adult-Use2020
 Arkansas Medical2016
 California Adult-Use2016
 Colorado Adult-Use2012
 Connecticut Adult-Use2021
 Delaware Medical2011
 Florida Medical2016
 Georgia Medical2015
 Hawaii Medical2000
 Illinois Adult-Use2019
 Iowa Medical2017
 Louisiana Medical2015
 Maine Adult-Use2016
 Maryland Adult-Use2022
 Massachusetts Adult-Use2016
 Michigan Adult-Use2018
 Minnesota Medical2014
 Mississippi Medical2022
 Missouri Adult-Use2022
 Montana Adult-Use2020
 Nevada Adult-Use2016
 New Hampshire Medical2013
 New Jersey Adult-Use2020
 New Mexico Adult-Use2021
 New York Adult-Use2021
 North Carolina   
 North Dakota Medical2016
 Ohio Medical2016
 Oklahoma Medical2018
 Oregon Adult-Use2014
 Pennsylvania Medical2016
 Rhode Island Adult-Use2022
 South Carolina   
 South Dakota Medical2020
 Utah Medical2018
 Vermont Adult-Use2018
 Virginia Adult-Use2021
 Washington Adult-Use2012
 West Virginia Medical2017