Oklahoma Begins Enforcing Laboratory Testing for All Medical Cannabis Products

Although the state has required testing since the program launched, it will now require products to be tested by a state-licensed lab.

Alex Traksel | Adobe Stock

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has announced that it will begin enforcing more stringent laboratory testing rules in the state’s medical cannabis market, according to a local KOCO report.

The OMMA indicated in April that it would require medical cannabis products sold by a processor or grower to be tested by a state-licensed laboratory, but the deadline was extended to July to ensure there are enough licensed labs to meet the demand, the news outlet reported.

“All medical marijuana products had required testing for a very long time now, but the requirement that it goes to a lab that’s licensed by OMMA is a new enforcement,” OMMA Deputy Director Kelly Williams told KOCO.

There are now 21 licensed labs in the state, according to the news outlet, and dispensaries must retain test results on their inventory for a minimum of two years.

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