Nevada County (Calif.) Approves Temporary Licenses for Medical Marijuana Grows

County staffers plan on working through a permanent draft ordinance.

Nevada County growers who meet existing zoning and acreage requirements will get the chance this summer to apply for temporary licenses — a change to local rules that will open the doors to the commercial medical cannabis market.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday decided to implement a temporary license system as county staff continues to craft a permanent draft ordinance. Staff will return May 22 to supervisors with an urgency ordinance to implement the new program. Supervisors won't decide on fees until June, because state law requires a 10-day public notice period on the issue and staff can't meet that requirement this month.

Staff said they potentially could implement the temporary license system on July 1.

"It's access to the legal market and that's huge," said Diana Gamzon, executive director of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance.

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